‘Do you know how great you are! If you could see yourself like I see you right now, you could never again feel fear, nor doubt yourself and others. I’m calling you to master yourself and to let your soul cooperate with the divine realms of heaven. I promise you will find new dimensions of possibility, success, bliss, peace and harmony. You will find the higher love you are looking for. Shine your light bright and share it. The world needs it!’ – Archangel Michael –


This website is a portal to the divine knowledge of alchemy that holds the key to self-transformation and multidimensional growth. Do you feel like you could live your life more fully and does Archangel Michael’s message resonate with you? Let your soul and spirit be strengthened and make up your mind to make a change.

Balance & Alchemy offers guidance on your personal transformational journey by helping you find and maintain emotional fulfillment, peace of mind, spiritual upliftment and abundance in your life. Start achieving inner balance by using the tools offered here. Then work your way through the different dimensions of consciousness to become your authentic true self. You will be lovingly and divinely guided if you are willing to accept the divine guidance that comes your way. Are you ready?