Inner Balance

The first steps on the alchemical path are about achieving inner balance. You might think inner balance means you feel good and have healthy habits, but it is more than that. When you are in balance you are able to work with God according to the cosmic laws. Because of your activated soul, you can hear, trust and listen to your inner voice, are willing and open to learn from what it is saying, can feel and discern its messages and are able to act upon your true inner drive.

Achieving inner balance is necessary to gain momentum to launch the alchemical process beyond the third dimension. You don’t have to be perfect nor completely successful right away. But being too shaky, will slow your progress. Doing things God’s way requires a certain amount of stability.


Balance & Alchemy offers tools that can help you find and maintain inner balance. These tools help you understand and trust the cosmic laws so that you can consciously work with them, strengthen your happy relationship with yourself, other people, celestial beings and God and prepare you for further multidimensional growth. For more information click on the subpage ‘Tools’.