Balance & Alchemy offers tools that can help you achieve inner balance. These tools are alchemical and will therefore slowly but surely transform you if you use them regularly. But tools are just tools. In the end your relationship with God is the only thing that counts and the improvement of this relationship is the only real reason for your progress.

Below you can read an overview of the tools that will soon be offered on this website.

❤ Homecoming in the family of God

The universe is well organized and full of life. We are literally part of a big cosmic family. Consider the universe your home and the celestial beings your family. Get to know your cosmic loved ones and build steady cosmic relationships. Your celestial family and friends will help you understand your place in the universe, your role in the cosmic family (yes, you do have one!), broaden your perspective and accept the fact that you are a beloved child of God. Consider that everything is of shared interest and everybody is involved, whether you like it or not. Learn more about your place and role in the cosmic family of God.

❤ The symbolic meaning of metals and planets

The macrocosm reflects the microcosm. The same way you are part of the cosmic family, all your inner parts belong to your inner family. This includes the parts you don’t know about, dislike, neglect or even reject. You have to come to terms with yourself, get to know your inner family and to learn to love every part of yourself. Alchemy uses the names of metals and planets in a symbolic way to describe the archetypal qualities of your inner parts so that you can better discern them. Learn that you are much more than you think you are.

❤ Healing relationships and old dysfunctional patterns in ‘the alchemist’

The symbolic metals form a certain structure that visualizes their mutual relationships. This structure is called ‘the alchemist’. By building the alchemist in yourself you heal your inner relationships and old dysfunctional patterns and your relationships with others. Learn to heal and manage your relationships.

❤ Hermes trismegistus, the Philosopher’s stone and turning into gold

Within the alchemist the alchemical fires ignite. Just like in a thermometer the heat causes mercury to rise. The other elements start to vibrate. The question is whether you can manipulate them in such a way that you can turn them into gold. Remember this is what the ancient alchemy practitioners use to say. Find the Philosopher’s stone, let the Phoenix in you rise and burn and make sure you stabilize the mercury in three ways, in strength, love and wisdom. Learn more about the ancient alchemical knowledge and terminology and discover how you can activate your soul. Only to your soul can the secrets of heaven be revealed.